“I started working here in 2005 as a sub. In the middle of the school year, the Y needed a music specialist. I learned how to play guitar and took lessons to enrich the program. I became a teacher’s aide for several years after that, and this is my first year as a head teacher. I already had a bachelor’s degree, but while working here, I went back to school to get my Child Development Associate’s Credential. Before the Y, I came from the business world and left when I needed surgery years back. I always wanted to be a teacher. I believe that when one door closes, another one opens. At the Y, I enjoy working with both the kids and staff. I love listening to the kids and their stories and talking to them on their level. And I love the people I work with. They have become like a second family. We’re always there for each other, we’re very close. It’s a great atmosphere. What I also like is that the staff goes above and beyond to provide a complete program to give the kids the tools they need for the next step in their lives. It’s just a very positive place. We offer more than just preschool, too. We have enrichment classes, art, Lunch Bunch and more. It’s a full comprehensive program.”