Moving Forward, Together

Taught by a certified trainer, the Parkinson’s Foundation Class is designed to address symptoms of Parkinson’s by incorporating a variety of exercises that target strength, balance, mobility and flexibility. Research has shown that exercise helps improve these symptoms, as well as overall well-being for people with Parkinson’s.

Anyone diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease can benefit from this class, which can be adapted for all levels and abilities, including those who are new to Parkinson’s exercises.

Participants enjoy a variety exercises, including boxing, dancing and walking to improve endurance, increase reflex time, reduce rigidity, improve gait and enhance overall fitness. Cognition and vocal exercises are incorporated into every class. Having fun is also an important element of each class. Participants create camaraderie by supporting and encouraging each other through their exercises.

Members: Free

Community Members: $50 for one class per week each 8-week session
Or $56 for one class per week each 9-week session

Register at the FSPY Welcome Center.