Game Time

We offer a number of adult sports programs to meet a variety of interests.

Different programs are offered each session. View our latest brochure for current offerings.

For questions regarding Sports at our Y, please contact Jennifer Glander at


The below programs are free with membership. 

Pickle Ball (Ages 18+)

All levels welcome. Pickle Ball is a racquet sport combining elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong. Played indoors with a similar court size to doubles badminton. Net height is similar to tennis. Never played – come out and learn a new sport! Join us for these fun pick-up games. On Wednesdays, beginners can come and learn the sport from our Pickle Ball players.

Badminton (Ages 18+)

All levels welcome Pick-up Badminton games for Adults.

Co-ed Volleyball (High school – adult)

Pick-up games in our gym for high schoolers through adults.

The below programs require an additional fee. Schedules vary each session, please view our current brochure for schedules and prices.


Tae Kwon Do (Ages 8-Adult)

Our Headmaster and 6th degree Black Belt instructors teach traditional Chung Do Kwan style with no-contact sparring. There are many benefits to Tae Kwon Do: you’re getting in shape, learning self-defense and you keep moving. The movement and forms help increase flexibility and improve balance. Participants will develop strength and determination and build confidence. Register your child or join the class with them! You will be surprised how great you will feel after class.