Game Time

We’re adding more classes and programs to our roster all the time. For our current program brochure with our offerings, please visit our Brochures Page.  For questions regarding Sports at our Y, please contact Jennifer Glander at

We offer a number of adult sports programs to meet a variety of interests.

The below programs are free with membership. Schedules vary each session, please view our current brochure for schedules. 


Adult Basketball

For ages 18 and over. Pick-up games are located in Gym 2 and held September through November.

Pickle Ball

A racquet sport combining elements of tennis, badminton and ping pong. Played indoors (Gym 2) with a similar court size to doubles badminton. Net height is similar to tennis. Never played – come out and learn a new sport! Join us for these fun pick-up games.


Pick-up Badminton games for Adults.

Co-ed Volleyball

For adults ages 18 and over – all levels welcome. Organized pick-up games.

The below programs require an additional fee. Schedules vary each session, please view our current brochure for schedules and prices.


Men’s Basketball League

For men ages 30 and over. All games will be played on Sunday mornings on a full court with 2 certified officials. Scores, statistics and standings are tracked. Games start in December. Registration form must be completed and handed in at time of signing up.

Tae Kwon Do

Traditional Chung Do Kwan style of Tae Kwon Do with no-contact sparring. Whether overweight, underweight, coordinated, uncoordinated, shy or assertive, great class for all. Build self-confidence while learning martial arts. We teach Tae Kwon Do in a friendly, respectful atmosphere. Beginners through black belts welcome. Great family activity for ages 8 and over.