Meet Our Staff

The Y is a nonprofit like no other. That’s because in 10,000 neighborhoods across the nation, we have the presence and partnerships to not just promise, but deliver, positive change. Every day, our staff — of all ages with diverse backgrounds and life experiences — work to bridge the gap in community needs. These team members nurture the potential of children and teens, improve the nation’s health and well-being and provide support to our neighbors.

Learn more about why the Y is a great place to work by viewing our short video featuring Y staff and members and read their stories below.

Meet Laurie, one of our amazing Child Care teachers who is active in the local community

“I have been working here for 12 years. Prior to working here, I was a teacher of the deaf for 19 years.”

Meet Brandon, one of our awesome lifeguards

“As a lifeguard at the Y, I enjoy interacting with different groups of people – the Swim Team, lap swimmers and those here for swim lessons.”

Meet Kellie, one of our fantastic Child Care assistant teachers and dance instructors

“It’s exciting to see the kids grow up, learn how to do new things, and having a part in that. We bring joy into their day and they brighten our days.”

Meet Meichele, one of our awesome Child Care teachers

“I like how every day is different. It’s never the same day twice.”

Meet Hannah, one of our awesome lifeguards who feels like our Y is her home away from home

“I’ve always felt really comfortable around water. Being in the pool is my element.”

Meet Sarah, one of our fantastic Child Watch Supervisors

“Now that it’s the new year – when people tend to exercise more – I’m hoping we can help even more families in Child Watch, especially since reservations are no longer needed.”

Meet Kelly, our Human Resources Administrator, who enjoys working for a community-focused organization

“I wanted to work somewhere that people were motivated to be there because they were giving back – some place that added value to the community, not just a job.”

Meet Jackson, one of our lifeguards and swim instructors

“My older brother was a lifeguard and he had a good experience with it. He was a beach lifeguard and has had to save people. That inspired me to become a lifeguard, too.”

Meet Matt, one of our Membership Representatives and Child Watch Assistants

“I’m now a senior in high school and I started looking for jobs last summer. I wanted to find the right fit.”

Meet Evan, one of our School Age Child Care counselors who enjoys helping students explore their creative side

“I love the creative ways that the kids play and think, and how they are willing to take on ideas and games and make them their own.”

Meet Emma, one of our before and after care counselors who is excited to return to our Y during her college’s Winter Break

“You’re also a constant in their life and I like making the programs enjoyable for them.”

Meet Amanda, one of our awesome Child Care assistant teachers, who is enjoying her work in the toddler classroom

“It’s rewarding when they repeat what we’ve taught them and shows how much they are learning from us.”

Meet Jim, one of our group exercise instructors and LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA coaches who has worked at our Y for nearly 30 years

“I enjoy the social atmosphere and sharing knowledge with other people. I like seeing members advance in class as we go along, and see their confidence increase.”

Meet Phil, one of our Wellness Center instructors who has worked for our Y for nearly 40 years

“The Y has been a huge part of my life. It’s just become part of who I am.”

Meet Maria, also known as Miss Bel, one of our Child Care assistant teachers

“I started working here in September, but my family has been members for 11 years – since we moved to the area.”

Meet Kaylee, one of our teacher’s assistants who began as a volunteer

“I like being around kids and I enjoy working with them. Each one is so different and it’s great to see them grow into their personalities.”

Meet Roberta, our new Healthy Living Director

“I have a passion for health and wellness and I love working with people. I’m looking forward to working with the members and bringing new ideas to the Y.”