Meet Our Staff

The Y is a nonprofit like no other. That’s because in 10,000 neighborhoods across the nation, we have the presence and partnerships to not just promise, but deliver, positive change. Every day, our staff — of all ages with diverse backgrounds and life experiences — work to bridge the gap in community needs. These team members nurture the potential of children and teens, improve the nation’s health and well-being and provide support to our neighbors.

Learn more about why the Y is a great place to work by viewing our short video featuring Y staff and members and read their stories below.

Meet Dave, one of our newer lifeguards who is getting to know our members and staff

“I always believed that you need to do something physical, not just to be physically fit, but for your mind. Keeping active is good for your brain health.”

Meet Dan, one of our lifeguards who enjoys the sense of community and the friendships he’s made at our Y

“The YMCA has a special place in my heart. I took swim lessons at the Y as a kid and I’m thankful to the Y for making me a stronger swimmer.”

Meet Sara, one of our wonderful swim instructors and community volunteers

“I love walking into the Y and pretty much know everyone on my way to the locker room.”

Meet John, one of our great Sports instructors

“My favorite aspect of the job is how flexible my schedule can be and just running around playing sports with the kids.”

Meet Kim, one of our dedicated Membership Representatives who has a special connection to March Madness

“What I like about working for the Y is the warm and friendly atmosphere, plus greeting, helping and interacting with all the wonderful members.”

Meet Kelly, one of our helpful Membership Representatives who has been coming to our Y for as long as she can remember

“I live only a few minutes from the Y, and I saw a sign that said the Y was hiring. I had worked for a different Y in college as a summer camp group leader, so I knew that the Y was a great place to work.”

Meet Nichole, one of our members who is excited to start teaching group exercise classes at our Y

“It was hard for me to find the motivation to exercise on my own. I like that the other people taking the classes hold you accountable in ways. It’s encouraging to know that if I’m not here, they’ll notice.”

Meet Katherine, one of our new Membership Representatives, who is happy to stay active and meet new people

“I like meeting a variety of people and there is always something to do.”

Women’s History Month at the Y: Meet Alyssa, one of our awesome Membership representatives

“I am happy to say that my time in this volunteer service, in addition to the First Aid Squad, has helped strengthen my community and those in it.”

Meet Ms. Vicki and Ms. Roxie, two members of our Child Care Team – and mother and daughter – who combined have close to 50 years of service to our YMCA

“We’ve always had such a wonderful staff. Everyone always worked together as a team, which to me is very important. My mantra is ‘together, everyone achieves more.’”

Meet Diane, our new Child Care Director who is excited to get to know our Y community

“At the Fanwood-Scotch Plains Y, I’m looking forward to more community involvement and working for a larger organization, while also working with a bigger team.”

Meet our Zumba instructor Karen who started out as a Y member and found her passion while taking group exercise classes

“The joy and good vibes that come from leading a class and that special shared experience with members in the gym every Monday night, cannot actually be described in words; it’s just something that grabs your heart and soul, amps up your life and makes you feel like a more complete person.”

Meet Ashley, one of our awesome School Age Child Care counselors, who has also worked in our Child Care program

“I first started working at the Y because a lot of my friends worked here and I also wanted to get some experience working with children. I like working with kids and now I’m in school for early childhood education. Working here definitely impacted my choice on what to go to school for.”

Meet Andrew, our new Healthy Living Director who is excited and ready to help our members on their path to health and wellness

“In my new role at the Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA, I want to bring as much knowledge and guidance as I can to members of all ages – teenagers, college students, adults, seniors. I take a lot of satisfaction seeing people grow their health, nutrition and fitness routines.”

Meet Joe, one of our helpful Building Maintenance Assistants who enjoys learning new skills at work

“It’s the perfect job really. It pays well, it’s a great learning experience and my co-workers support me.”

Our CEO, Kim, explains what she’s looking forward to in the new year

This coming year marks our Y’s 75th anniversary and I’m most excited about our upcoming building project and the opportunities it will provide to our community.

Meet Mike, one of our newest Welcome Center representatives who enjoys meeting new people

“I’ve met a lot of people since starting here – everyone is really friendly – and there’s always something going on at the Y, which I like.”

Meet Gabriella, one of our School Age Child Care site supervisors, who has discovered how much she enjoys working with kids

“I really like the atmosphere and being a college student, I like the flexibility and how they work with my schedule.”

Meet Bianca, one of our new School Age Child Care counselors who is based at Brunner Elementary School

“I’ve always been good with kids – I come from a pretty big family and would always help take care of the kids.”

Meet Rakiya, one of our fantastic School Age Child Care counselors

“I love being here. It’s a great experience. I love meeting different kids and being around different personalities.”

Meet Nevin, one of our Building Maintenance Assistants who is new to our Y and is enjoying being part of the Y community

“The smile on people’s faces after you’ve fixed something is the best.”