“I have been working here since late August, but I’ve been a member for years. I first joined to get in shape. Our twins then joined the Swim Team and have been on it since they were 6 – they are now 15. We also asked my mom, who lives with us half the year, to join. We told her about the programs for active adults. She gets a lot of benefits out of coming here and it’s given her friendships. I’m a teacher during the day and recently, I was looking for an extra part-time job. Child Watch hours happen to be when my kids are at swim practice. My husband also works out while I’m here. Working at the Y, I’m happy to see that how I felt when I came here as a patron – with staff going the extra mile and focusing on service – is how everyone on the staff treats members. In Child Watch, I enjoy working with the young kids, especially because I have teenagers. I also love my co-workers. Some of them are in high school, they are a lot of fun and very responsible. It’s nice to see. And I enjoy seeing people from the community at the Y. I always see friends or someone I know.”