“I’ve been working at the Y for three years now. I started in Discovery Camp and have worked camp every year since, and I’ve also helped out in the Wellness Center. I’ve always liked working with kids. I saw a job opening at the Y and I had some friends who worked after care. I applied and got the job. I feel like I really found my place here. At camp, I love being goofy with the kids; I feel like I can be myself. I like being active and showing the kids how to lead a healthy lifestyle. I’m also a creative person – I’m going to school for architecture – and I can be creative with the kids. I get a lot out of seeing the campers discover what they’re interested in. This year, camp has taken a lot of creativity to make every day different. We really don’t want to just fill time, we’re trying to make everything special, exciting and new. We’re also staying positive. It’s nice to see all the kids coming in every morning with smiles on their faces and enjoying their time here. I’m really happy about it.”