“I started working here full-time in 2008 as the fitness director. For a few years prior, I worked part-time as a group exercise instructor and consulting dietitian. What I like most about my job is the diversity. Each day is different and I’m always meeting people of different ages and backgrounds. I enjoy helping them find the right exercise routine, nutrition advice and path to a healthy lifestyle through Y programs that best fit their life. The biggest challenge people face now – and all year round – is making their wishes become a reality. I think people need to have realistic expectations of themselves and seek out programs such as our new Weight Loss Program, Diabetes Prevention Program or others that will promote wellness and provide inspiration and accountability. I think another challenge is that people have to be ready for change. I think so many people join a program thinking it will change them, but they have to change themselves. My advice is to find one thing you can change, be successful with that and move. Having a personal mantra also helps. Maybe it’s a word like strength, courage or love, or an ‘I am’ statement: I am strong, I am worthy. Plus, surrounding yourself with positive people who support you is important, too.”