“I joined the Y as a staff member a little over four years ago. I worked in advertising and marketing throughout my career, but I always felt that something was missing until I came here. I loved many aspects of my work – it was dynamic and creative – but I wanted to feel like I was making a difference in people’s lives.

I worked for an advertising agency that did pro-bono work for an organization that provided housing and social services for homeless families. I volunteered to help the organization, which included hosting a monthly group birthday party for the children. It was at the group birthday party – with the kids smiling and having so much fun – where I knew that I wanted to keep helping others. I started doing more volunteer work, and realized that non-profit work made me feel more fulfilled.

I left the for-profit sector and found what I was looking for at the Y. My position allows me the opportunity to combine my professional experience with my desire to make an impact. I get to see the difference we make in people’s lives every day – kids thriving in our childcare programs or learning to swim, adults making changes to improve their health, and seniors staying physically and socially active. I love talking with members and hearing how the Y has helped change their lives for the better.

This fall, I am excited to bring back the Togetherhood program, our member-led, volunteer service program that will focus on our community’s most pressing needs. Members of all backgrounds will connect and collaborate to plan service projects throughout the year. I am thrilled with the interest we have received so far from members who want to give back, and I cannot wait to see what projects they will plan together.

Becoming a volunteer ultimately led me to find my purpose at the Y. I am looking forward to helping our members discover their passion and purpose through the Togetherhood program.”