“It’s where I learned to swim, do gymnastics and yoga, and overall learn to live an active lifestyle – not to mention build a community around myself. My job as a camp counselor is to be a guiding hand to each camper. Whether it be by helping to resolve conflicts, leading by example, or finding new ways to have fun! What I like about working as a counselor at the Y is that each day is a new start and you never really know what could happen. One thing I find very interesting about working at camp, in particular, is seeing so many kids form new friendships just as I did as a child in the Y community. Seeing it happen in just a few short days makes my role as a counselor and community member very fulfilling. I think my job, as well as the YMCA, impacts people in a very subtle but important way. Just by offering a smile or a listening ear goes a long way in brightening someone’s day.”