“I have been working here on and off since I was 17. I started working in the after care program and then switched over to Grand Street, where I worked in child care and at the front desk. At our current location, I was a child care teacher for several years, and although this is my first time teaching Kindergarten, I’ve taught elementary school before. A lot of why I’ve stayed at the Y all these years is the relationships I’ve made. I formed a lot of friendships; you get to know people around the building. You really get a sense of community from the Y. When we were closed, I missed seeing the kids and the connection I had with the families. So far this year, kindergarten is going well. We’re set for a good year. I really like the small class sizes, it’s nice. You get to work more one-on-one with the students. It’s a good group of kids, you have a lot of little personalities. I like seeing how they grow and learn from the beginning of the year to the end.”