“I started working here when I was in high school. My friend was also working in the Child Care program at the time. I started working with the Turtles (the toddlers) and I’ve subbed in pretty much every classroom. It’s nice to watch the kids grow up. The ones I had when I first started are now 4 or 5. When I was in high school, I knew I wanted to get a job and work with kids. This was the perfect fit. Babysitting was mainly on the weekends, and I wanted to work somewhere during the week as well. Now, I’m in college but I keep coming back when I’m home from school. I like the teachers here and the way the Child Care is run. It’s just fun to be with the kids all day. Right now, I’m working in the infant room and they are so cute. I like watching them grow up and start to talk.

Working here has taught me so much about kids, their mannerisms and their milestones. In college, I’m minoring in psychology and everything in my child psychology classes line up to what I’m doing here. It’s an added bonus. Working here has also helped me decide that I want to continue working with younger kids when I graduate, just in the healthcare field.

The Y definitely is a close-knit family. I’ve seen it with the teachers, the kids and the families. I’m glad this fell into my lap when it did and I’m still loving it years later. I’ve enjoyed working with the kids and growing along with them.”