“Our family joined the Y in 1994 when I was pregnant with my first-born child. We were looking for full-time daycare and when Kaitlyn was 4 months old, she attended the daycare program at Grand Street. When my son Billy was born in 1997, he also attended daycare at Grand Street and subsequently both children attended the Gym Jams preschool program. Kaitlyn participated in the gymnastics program at the Y for 15 years, of which 9 of those years she was on the Gymnastics Team. In addition, she taught gymnastics classes at the Y while in high school. Billy was a member of the FSPY Swim Team. Prior to the March closure, I primarily participated in early morning Spin and Fitball classes. I enjoy the many close friendships I’ve made over the years with both members and instructors, some which go back 27 years and are still going strong today! My favorite part of Y membership is that it’s more than just a place to exercise. There are many programs offered and something for everyone regardless of age. Being a member has kept me strong in mind, body, and spirit. When the Y was closed, I really missed seeing my friends and instructors, sharing stories and supporting one another. I returned to the Y in July of 2020 when classes were being offered both virtually and outside. I find myself exercising more each week then I did in the past because of the many virtual, outside and indoor classes being offered during the pandemic. I love that there are so many more early morning options. I’ve really enjoyed going out of my comfort zone trying new classes. Where in the past, I primarily took Cycle and Fitball classes, I’m now attending Pound, Defend Together, HIIT, Pilates and Gentle Strength in addition to Cycle. I also enjoy the classes that are being held outside. They make you feel invigorated. And the new registration system is awesome! The emails and reminders sent are great and having the ability to cancel or add a class at the last minute is quite easy since schedules are always changing. I recommend coming back to others because I’ve seen the effort put in by the staff to keep the facility clean and safe during the pandemic. All precautions are being taken and the instructors are going above and beyond to offer a variety of classes to members during a very difficult time.”