“I was in a swim club in Plainfield from the time I was around 8 years old until I was 17. I worked at the Plainfield YWCA first as a lifeguard, then went on to work at the YMCA in Plainfield. But even before the YWCA, I volunteered as a younger teen to help with swim lessons at the Plainfield pool. After the Plainfield Y, I came here as a lifeguard and swim instructor and now I’m the Aquatics Coordinator. My job is coordinating the Red Cross trainings for Lifeguarding and CPR for our staff, developing plans for pool safety, inservice trainings and helping to manage the pool chemicals. I really love working with the people here. I have relationships with the oldest of our members to the youngest and the staff is great. I especially enjoy the trainings, getting to meet all the staff at the Y, not just the people becoming lifeguards, and being able to educate people about safety.”