“My Y journey started when we moved to Scotch Plains in 2004. My son attended the YMCA Child Care at Grand Street as an infant, and through the years, my kids took swim lessons, my husband and I use the gym and both my daughters started gymnastics at age 4. In 2015, my former director asked if I would be interested in teaching preschool gymnastics classes. That summer, I trained and started teaching. I then assisted in some preschool dance classes, which I enjoyed since I, too, danced growing up. In 2016, my family did a Family Spartan and I was hooked on obstacle courses. I created a curriculum and presented it. The idea was well accepted and the Y’s Ninja Warrior program was born. I also got involved in planning and running birthday parties. In 2017, I wanted to do more for the Y and started assisting in the Finance/HR department. In 2018, the Sports and Fine Arts Director position opened. I decided to apply; I really enjoyed being part of an organization that I could give back to, and to help make a difference in the community. I enjoy working for the Y because it allows me to give back and work with kids of all ages, encouraging them to be their best self in a fun, creative way. I also get to interact with members. My job is unique because every day is new – a new day to meet new people, a new class to try out, a new chance to make a difference in someone else’s life.  Being home during this troubling time is surreal. I feel like a part of me is missing. But having this time allows me to reflect on what I can bring back to the Y when we open – new activities for the community to do and feel great doing them, and a better place to spend time, to learn new things and have fun. I can’t wait to see you all there and start creating new memories! Thanks for staying with us!”