“We’ve been members of the Y for 9 years. We initially joined for swim lessons for our oldest daughter. Since then, we have participated in gymnastics, cheerleading, basketball, cooking, art, floor hockey, camp, child care and after school care at the Y. The kids really enjoy the programs at the Y and the instructors and teachers make it feel like a family community. Mara has been attending the Y camp for the past 5 years, Brenna has attended the past 3 and this is Luke’s first year. We decided to continue sending them this summer because we wanted the kids to be outside participating in activities while we are working. All three of our kids are really enjoying camp so far, making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. Even though the camp program is different this year, we feel comfortable with the Y as we’ve been part of this community for so many years. The kids are enjoying the sports, art, garden and water activities. They feel good about interacting with the counselors and their peers. All of the counselors are so great about making the camp experience a fun one.”