“I’ve been working here going on three years now. My first year was working after care at School One. Then, the pandemic started, and when I returned to work at the Y in the summer of 2020, I worked in child care for the year. This school year, I went back to working as an after care counselor at School One. I first started working at the Y because a lot of my friends worked here and I also wanted to get some experience working with children. I like working with kids and now I’m in school for early childhood education. Working here definitely impacted my choice on what to go to school for. My favorite part of the job is working with the kids. They are always fun and if there are any problems you’ve been having, they make you push it to the back of your mind so you don’t think about it. I also enjoy meeting and getting to know the staff here at the Y. Plus, this summer, I’m excited to work summer camp for the first time, making more friends and spending time with the kids.”