“When I was in college, I majored in sports management and I was looking for an internship. I participated in a lot of sports growing up like football, basketball and track which led to my interest in sports management. I knew that the Y offered a lot of sports programs and applied for an internship. I started in January 2017 as an intern in the Sports and Fine Arts Department. I helped organize youth and adult sports, coached and got involved in all aspects of the sports program. After my internship was complete, there was a need for a permanent position in the department and I was hired as the new Sports Coordinator. My job consists of organizing all sports programs and classes for youth and adults, making sure everything is being run properly and taking part in community events. I coordinate various programs such as the ninja warrior classes, basketball, track, youth sports and men’s basketball league. I work with all ages, from preschool to older adults. I even started a high school basketball recreation league to provide kids a fun way to enjoy the sport they love, without the pressure of competition. I enjoy giving back to the kids the most. I was always told when you are done playing the sport, you should go on and teach it. Sports are a big part of our everyday lives. My role impacts people by teaching kids to play and love their sport, as well as giving adults the opportunity to continue playing and enjoying a sport they love. My goal is to help build lifelong passions. I have learned a lot and would not have experienced the things I have, had I not been here. The Y has helped me grow as a person and give back to the community.”