“My Y journey began with swim lessons run by my local Y when I was 9 years old. From there, I joined the Swim Team and stuck with it through grade school. I began working for my hometown Y in Pennsylvania as an assistant Swim Team coach in 11th grade and began lifeguarding there around the same time. I’ve been working in Y Aquatics since then, in various capacities. I began working for FSPY in June 2019, just in time for summer camp to begin. As the Associate Aquatics Director, I assist our Director Ellen in running and managing our aquatics operations, including managing our lifeguards, running safety courses and trainings, assisting with pool maintenance, and, of course, hopping on the stand to lifeguard as needed. I enjoy chatting with my lifeguards in the staff office and the warm atmosphere the Y has to offer its members, staff and visitors. I like that it can be a starting point – whether it’s joining an activity group, a sports team or a first workplace. This month is also National Water Safety Month, and our Y has helped countless local children learn how to swim and be water safe. You’ll see tips from us all month long, but a few to remember are: when near or in any type of water, children should always be actively watched and supervised by a parent or guardian; no matter how physically active or strong a swimmer someone may be, never go swimming alone, and always swim where a lifeguard is present. I’m happy to share my story with you and look forward to seeing the building busy, the pools occupied, and hearing the lively chatter that’s been missing since we’ve been closed!”