“It started when our mom, Meichele, was working here as a preschool teacher for the 2-year-old class. We would volunteer with her every summer with the Apple Seeds Camp. We were then hired by Katie (SACC & Camp Director) and are both part of the SACC program at the YMCA. We have worked after care at McGinn Elementary and Coles Elementary and both of us have worked summer camp for various age groups. Being a member and working at the YMCA has opened so many opportunities for us. We have met so many new individuals and created memorable moments. Our job at the YMCA has impacted us as much as anyone we come into contact with. It has taught us many important life lessons that we will carry on with us. It also helps create lifelong memories for the kids that we interact with. Looking back, we hope these children remember their time at the Y fondly. Working at the Y, we have learned how unique every kid is and how they can each teach us something different. There is something about each child that is special. Even as adults, we are still learning and it is important to realize that anyone can teach us a lesson.”