Nancy, at right, with fellow LIVESTRONG(r) at the YMCA graduate Vicki.

“I was in the LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA program prior to the Y’s closure due to COVID-19. I was already a member of the Y and I went to Overlook for chemo and they had a pamphlet about the program there. I had ovarian cancer and had a big surgery, plus chemo, so I was weak. Anything that would build back my strength was interesting to me. I had just finished chemo when I started the first time. Then COVID came. When I found out the program was returning this past April, I decided to start again. I was just weak when I started; I couldn’t walk much. Now, I’m sort of back to my normal self. This program helped me get stronger. I swim – that’s why I’m a member to begin with – but I do the same thing. I wouldn’t know how to build an exercise program. I also like being with others going through the same thing. I think we have some conversations that you may not have with your close friends because a) they don’t understand and b) you don’t want to burden them. Talking to people who have been through this is part of it. I’d tell others who have had a cancer diagnosis, it’s very easy to assume your new self is a weak person, but you can get strong.”