“I have worked at the Y for 4 years. I started with camp first. I went to Y camp and Y after care my whole life. Once I aged out of camp, Katie talked to me about working here and I was excited because I like working with kids. I like that I can be so active with them. And they are creative and carefree. It’s fun just to watch them having fun. I’ve also met a lot of my close friends to this day at camp and we worked together, which was fun. With School Age Child Care, I worked at Evergreen and School One elementary schools. I like being able to help kids with their work. I’m going to be a teacher and this is a nice introduction; I get to help them learn. I think this year so far is going well. The teachers are doing a really good job of keeping the kids engaged and I’m happy they can come here to have some socialization, which is really important.”