“I first was a substitute at Grand Street in August of 1992 and I joined the child care staff in May 1993. This was my job when I went to college. I always say, ‘the Y has always been what I needed it to be.’ When I was in college, I worked at the Y part time. When I graduated, there was a full-time job for me. That September, I began working with the Y’s former full-day Kindergarten program at Union Catholic. Then, when I got married and had my son, I left the Y completely. Within 5 months, Kathy called me and asked if I could come teach music. My son, James, actually got to come with me. When my son started school, I became the Preschool-Kinderwrap program coordinator for 2 years, but I really missed being in the classroom. I actually went to work for another Y for 10 years, where I taught Preschool and Kindergarten. When I was ready for a change, I called Kathy and was welcomed back as a Preschool teacher. Now, I’m excited to go back to Kindergarten. It’s like one big circle for me. I enjoy watching the children progress and seeing how they change through the year. They are like little sponges soaking up information. I love our conversations. Every day, we talk about ‘what is in our news,’ – and it’s interesting to see what’s important to them. It’s been four years now since I taught Kindergarten. When I came back here, I didn’t think I would teach it again. I was so excited when I found out I would teach Kindergarten again – thinking about the 100th day of school and the growing number line to get to the 100th day and beyond, and just everything else that goes along with it. I really miss journal writing and watching kids learn to read on their own. To be able to teach Kindergarten again – and with only 10 kids in the class – is going to be a really unique experience.”