“I have been working here since 2014 and started at the old Grand Street location. I was looking for a new job after my old daycare closed, and the family I was nannying for told me that the Y was hiring. I’ve worked with kids for over 20 years. I started as a nanny and then moved over to childcare. Kids are fun. When I started, I was working with toddlers, ages 1 ½ to almost 3. They come to you as itty-bitty people who are almost sprouting and when they leave, they are talking and their personalities are shining. They’re so cute! I worked with toddlers for about 15 years and when I started here, there was opening for the infants. At the Y, I enjoy getting to watch the kids grow up and move on to the different classes. The artwork – that started back when I was a toddler teacher. I loved doing art with the kids. I liked seeing the kids and parents joy from it. At Grand Street, there really wasn’t a good place to hang it. When I came here, I was like, look at the walls. The first holidays here, I did a huge Candy Land theme, with lollipops and a gingerbread house. The parents and members who came here had such positive comments and said it really cheers them up. It was nice to get that feedback. Last year, we did the Grinch, the year before was a general holiday theme. This year, we went with Frozen. I knew it was a big movie coming out and I started working on it back in September. The biggest thing I enjoy is seeing the kids and parents talk about it and tell me how much they like it, that it brightens their day. That’s just the best. I feel like everyone can use a little joy.”