“In my Hip Hop dance classes, it’s more of an experience. I developed a Hip Hop curriculum that incorporates Hip Hop culture, fundamental Hip Hop dance movements, various Hip Hop dance styles, graffiti art and interactive activities. What I like about teaching at the Y is the diversity of the students. They want to learn and have so much energy and positivity. Discovering who they are personality-wise and through dance has been an awesome experience. As for teaching in general, I like being able to nurture students’ abilities. Parents tell me, ‘my child can’t dance’ because they aren’t able to see their child’s abilities. Then, after completing my class the parents come and see their child doing a b-boy/b-girl challenge or footwork and they are amazed. They didn’t know their child could do that. I never put a child in a box. My job is to pull the love of dance out of them. I believe that when you put kids in a box, that’s where they stay. I try to put them on a platform so they can shine. I absolutely love what I do through dance education.”