“I have been working here for 24 years. My husband was doing the lawn maintenance and snow plowing at the time. We were friends with the Membership Director, Joanne, and my husband came in and said my wife would like a job at the Y. Joanne called and said they were looking for someone at the Member Service Desk. I started part time and eventually became full time. I just like it here. I like the interaction with the members. There are so many people I know from the community who come here. It’s a great environment; my kids grew up here. While we were closed, I really missed the interaction with people, the human contact. I missed my co-workers. When we first closed, I was calling members and checking in and I realized how much I missed them and they missed us. I would have really long conversations with them. Now that we are starting to reopen, I’m looking forward to when we can open everything again. I miss seeing the day care kids walk by the desk in the morning and my morning exercise people. I miss seeing the regulars every day – it becomes part of your routine. I’m just looking forward to getting back to somewhat normal. I think once we get there, everyone is going to start feeling better as they start to work out here and see each other again. I’m just happy to be here. It’s not just a job. I enjoy coming here.”