“I moved to the area in May 2017 and became a member of the Y. About a year later, I started working here as a substitute fitness instructor. I had been taking classes here as a member and one of the other instructors asked if I’d be interested in becoming an instructor. This position in HR then opened up about a year later and I was talking to a few co-workers who told me about it. My background is in HR and payroll; I decided to apply and stopped working in fitness and started working in the HR position in April. In HR, I help with hiring, personnel issues, payroll, benefits administration and more. Everyone here is so friendly. That’s why I originally joined as a member. You’re also proud to work here, you’re helping the community. Working for the Y stands for something, you’re part of something bigger. What I think is cool about HR in particular is that I get to know people and come in contact with people that I may not otherwise if I were working in one specific department. We have about 400 active employees at any given time and I get to help people at all different stages of their career. It’s cool getting to hear other people’s stories. You have those like me, with little kids, who are rejoining the workforce and then you have those on the other end, who are on the verge of retiring. It makes me think about my journey over the next 5 to 10 years.”