“I have been working here for about 7 years. My aunt worked here and told me about working at the Y. When I studied Child Development at VoTech, I had to do an internship and came here. I then started working here in after care and since then, I’ve worked with pretty much every age. The kids are just fun; they’re really cute. I like to watch them grow. The kids I’m with now have been with me since they were around 18 months and now they’re going to be 4. Working at the Y, I like how close everyone is. I feel like I get along with everyone and everyone here, including all the students’ families, are just really nice. I’m currently in school for psychology, focusing on child psychology, and I want to be an art therapist. Even when I went away for college, I wanted to come back to the Y. It’s a nice place to come back to. Now, I’m really excited for the summer. I’m looking forward to getting outside and having fun.”