“Our family has been a member of FSPY since 2008. My husband Eric, daughters, Katelyn (15) and Lily (13), and I all enjoy the many things that the Y has to offer. We initially joined the YMCA for a place for our daughters to take swim lessons and enjoy open swim. In 2012, I started to work at FSPY, my first time back to work in 8 years, since I had become a stay-at home mom. I first worked in the Child Watch room, which I had frequently used when I enjoyed exercise classes when my daughters were younger. Soon after, I started to teach swim lessons. I always enjoy seeing how excited kids are when they learn to swim. Later, after both my daughters joined the FSPY Swim Team, my routine usually revolved around when they had swim practice. Since I ended up driving to FSPY daily, I would take the time to work out in the Wellness Center while they were at practice and then take some time to talk with my friends afterward. My favorite thing about the Y is the people there. The Y is so welcoming because of the staff and members. All the FSPY Swim Team coaches have not only helped my daughters grow as swimmers, but they have also made the pool a place that they love to go to and miss so much right now. While I enjoy being able to exercise at the Y, it is the people there who make it so special. I miss the Swim Team the most. Whether it’s taking my daughters to practice and hearing what they did at practice afterward, hearing the laughter of the kids in my Swim Team carpool, or watching my daughters swim at meets, the Swim Team has become an important part of our lives and I can’t wait for them to be able to resume practices again soon! During the closure, I am staying connected to FSPY through the Swim Team. My daughters have daily dryland workouts via Google classroom and weekly virtual group meetings. It helps my daughters stay connected with their Swim Team friends and provides them guidance on how they should exercise while FSPY is closed. I have stayed with the Y because the Y has been an important part of our family for a long time. My family and I spend so much time there, and we want to make sure that the Y will be able to open again and we can resume our routines which we miss so much!”