“I have been working at the Y since 2017. A few of my friends went to camp until they aged out and I knew Katie from when I was in after care. Morgan (another counselor) is my best friend and we wanted to work together. She worked at camp and said it was great. I had been refereeing soccer games on the weekends and I knew from that I enjoyed working with kids. I started working after care at School One. I was also the music specialist at camp – we played music games and had a talent show. I really loved that. It was one of my favorite things ever. With the virtual program, I like being able to help out the students and I like to watch them with their virtual learning; they stand up and have gym, play games, do songs and dances. It makes my day being here. Everyone is friendly, helpful and kind. I used to be shy and nervous; here I feel comfortable and at home.”