“This is my fourth month working here. I grew up in Scotch Plains and grew up going to the Y when I was younger. I took gymnastics and swim lessons and my brother played basketball. The Y, to me, was always like the center of the community. When I was in high school and looking for a job, I wanted to give back to the community that shaped me. When I was younger, I used to look up to the swim instructors and gymnastics instructors and I want to have the same effect. I enjoy teaching swim lessons, being with groups of kids of different ages and seeing them grow and develop their skills. And I love lifeguarding. It’s a service to the community, it’s about safety. I joined the Event Planning Committee as a way to further give back to the community. I think part of this comes from my mom. Her family members are immigrants from Vietnam and Asia and when they came here, they were impacted by what their community did for them. It was very touching how the community helped my mom’s family and this makes me want to give back. Working at the Y has given me a lot of ways to form relationships with my co-workers, the kids and their families. It’s helped me become more aware of the diversity of the community and people around me, and how people can come together and be equal in each other’s presence.”