“I was a member of another Y before this, pretty much for my whole life. It’s where I learned to swim and in high school, my swim team used the Y pool for practice. I used to work at a bank and one of the swim instructors at the Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA was my client. Using Nationwide Membership, she invited me here to one of her water exercise classes. I was so impressed with the facility here, it had a whirlpool, two pools, it offered so much. I started working here in March. I love working with people. I feel like I have the skills to be an asset to the organization. This was a perfect match for me. My background is in customer service. I like to help and I’ve always wanted to work at the Y. I’m currently in school, too, and now is a perfect time for me to work here, although I plan to keep working here after I graduate. I currently work Monday and Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings. One of the best parts of working here is my co-workers. Everyone is so helpful and kind. There’s a warm energy. It makes me want to come to work.”