“I have been working here for 4 years. I came here when I was really little and took swim lessons; this is where I learned to swim. I came back here years later when I was in high school looking for a job. A lot of my friends worked here. I’ve always loved working with children – I plan on being a teacher later in life – and when I was asked to be a swim instructor, thought it would be so much fun. It’s right up my alley. I’m a kid at heart. I love how random they can be and how funny they are. About a year after becoming a swim instructor, I decided to become a lifeguard. I saw more opportunities as a lifeguard and how needed they are. For me personally, I like to make sure people are safe. So, this was also right up my alley. I also love interacting with people. That’s part of what’s kept me here, the interactions between the staff, members and the kids I teach. When the Y was closed due to COVID-19, I worked somewhere else where I was pretty much alone the whole time and I didn’t talk to anyone. Then, I came back here and I realized that the social interaction just makes the job more enjoyable. I’m friends with the staff and the kids are amazing. The members and the people who come here are the reason I came back. The best part about the Y is, although things have changed, the mood and mindset of the people has stayed the same. It still has that hometown feel. It’s a breath of fresh air in here. Everyone is so friendly and social, whether it’s a new person or someone you’ve known for years.”