“I joined the Y in the last two years. I’m from the Islands where only the boys learned how to swim. I came to the United States when my kids were babies. After I retired, I came to the Y to work out. Someone suggested to me that I try the pool. I saw the older women in it and wanted to try. At first, I didn’t think it was possible because of my age. I signed up for group lessons first and then I wanted one-on-one lessons so I could really learn how to swim. Two years later, I can do the whole length of the pool. I can jump into the deep end and come back up. My friends who are also from the Islands can’t believe I can swim now. I’m going to stick with the private lessons, I want to move to another level. I want to go further. Now, I’m interested on working on my technique. My goal for the New Year is to see how many people I can get to do more exercise, whether it’s walking or swimming. I want to motivate other seniors, in particular, to keep moving. I tell other ladies that they can learn to swim, others who are afraid to go to the deep end. Despite the obstacles, stick it out. You have your goals and just stick with it.”