“My Y story goes back a bit. Our family moved to New Jersey from Massachusetts in 1996 when my boys were 5 years old and 11 months old. My husband was working in the city and I was alone with the two boys. So, the first thing I did was seek out the YMCA! We joined right away and got the boys into swimming and I jumped into fitness. I found the Y community to be so supportive and like a family to me. I was interested in becoming a fitness instructor, and Sheri helped me. I did all the training and away I went! I started with senior classes, then moved on to group cycle classes and branched out from there. Eventually, I told Sheri I was a registered dietitian with a background in diabetes management, so I became the consulting dietitian and also designed and ran the weight loss and other wellness programs. Also, at this time, chronic disease programs were starting to take off, and we applied with Y-USA for the LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA program, then went on to add the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program, Enhance® Fitness, Moving for Better Balance and the Y’s Weight Loss Challenge. I became full time as the Health and Wellness Director in 2008, and saw us through the addition of new fitness programs with our new building. I was fortunate to move into the position I am now, in which I oversee all senior fitness classes, COOK class and camp for kids, nutrition programs and our chronic disease programs. There is no other place I think I would be able to fuse my love of fitness and wellness together in such a diverse, multi-dimensional job! I am blessed to be able to serve our community in this capacity and continue to reach out and meet the needs that might arise. Our Y is an integral part of our community and I am confident we will move forward together and stay strong. I look forward to seeing all of in the near future. Stay with us.”