“I was already a Y member when I started working here. I retired and the next day I came in. The Aquatics Director at the time asked me what I was doing here during the day. She said, ‘let me guess, you retired and came to work for me?’ I laughed. I never thought about becoming a lifeguard. She told me I could pass the swim test; she had seen me swim before. I said yes and that was the launch of my Y career. It’s funny, I couldn’t swim as a child. I didn’t learn how until I was 15 and I wasn’t a good swimmer until I started swimming at the Y. Then, years later, I was presented with the Excellence in Lifeguarding Award at the YMCA 2000 Key Leaders Conference for Tri-County YMCAs. It’s something I’m very proud of. I like working here. I like the people, meeting different people and being around younger people. It helps keep me connected. I enjoy giving tips to people about their swimming and coaching them. I tell other retirees all the time they should join me as a lifeguard. I plan to do it for as long as I’m capable.”