“I started at the Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA in 1993 after joining the FSPY Swim Team. I started working as a lifeguard and swim instructor in 1997. I worked in those positions until graduating from high school in 1999. I then came back to FSPY in 2003 after graduating college and started coaching here, coming on full time in 2006. I am currently the Director of Competitive Aquatics/Head Coach and I oversee our FSPY Swim Team of 200+ swimmers. What I enjoy about working for the Y is being able to connect with our members on a daily basis, seeing our swimmers set goals, work toward them and eventually achieve them, and seeing them grow not just as swimmers but also as human beings. It gives them a sense of community and belonging. I miss practices and seeing all of our swimmers on a daily basis. While our building has been closed, I have been putting dryland assignments on Google Classroom for all of the age groups on our Swim Team, as well as hosting virtual meetings with the swimmers. I’m looking forward to getting back on the pool deck and working with our swimmers.”