“I started teaching Tae Kwon Do at the Y in 2004. I teach with Jim and Steve and our style is Chung Do Kwan. Jim, who is a Tae Kwon Do Headmaster, is my teacher. I’ve been studying with him since 1998 and I’m now a 6th Degree Black Belt. Jim was teaching an intro class at Union County College. When I took his class, it just fit with me. It’s about finding the right style that works for you. There are many benefits to Tae Kwon Do: you’re getting in shape, learning self defense and you keep moving. In our style we emphasize that there’s no contact. The movement and forms help increase flexibility and improve balance. There are five tenets to our style: Speed, Power, Balance, Focus and Control. We also have scheduled tournaments and teachers who push you to do better, which is great, especially as an adult. I love it; it’s a real challenge. It’s great for younger kids, too, since it teaches discipline. To learn, they have to listen and pay attention. In the classes at the Y, we get a good mix of kids and adults. A lot of times, it starts with a kid coming to class and the parent is watching. So, we say, ‘why don’t you come join us?’ The people who take our classes have differing levels of ability and motivation. It’s nice to see them progress from their first class up though our belt levels. I’m looking forward to getting the classes started again. I just miss the people, the social aspect of it, and watching people learn and get stronger. I’m looking forward to being back together again.”