“During the Fall semester, I was looking for internships related to my major. My university connected me to the YMCA with an internship in marketing/communications. I interviewed with the senior director of Marketing and Membership who is an alumna of my college, the University of Delaware. Even though I have only been here a little under a month, I have learned many things I wouldn’t have otherwise. I help with the creation of flyers and marketing programs, social media, research and more. This was the first time I really did anything related to my major and it’s really exciting to see what my future can look like. At the Y, I enjoy that I am in an environment where I feel that I can voice my opinions and ideas. I feel very involved and am learning a lot. It’s also really nice to be working with such nice people, it makes me excited to come in every day. I really enjoy that the Y is its own community and it makes everyone feel included and valued. In the marketing department, we make sure members are knowledgeable about what goes on at the Y and promote different programs for them to take part in.”