“I’ve been working here since 2013 seasonally when I was home from college. I took swim lessons here at the Y when I was growing up and in college, I took a lifeguarding course. As a swimmer, lifeguarding seemed like something I could do. I also appreciate having the opportunity to swim and wanted to give back. I swim here at the Y three times per week – I’m a distance swimmer, currently training for a race in June – and I want other people to be able to swim as well. Plus, having a lifeguard there when you swim really does make you feel safer in the water. I especially enjoy guarding for the Swim Team here at the Y. It’s so amazing, exercise really is a celebration of what the body can do. These kids are so fast and powerful. I think in suburban New Jersey, in a way, we take swimming for granted. We have more access to swimming pools. In more rural areas, like where I went to college, there was much less access to places to swim. I felt fortunate in college that I could lifeguard so others could use the pool. Swimming is also low impact and a good confidence builder for people who are trying to get in shape. For older adults, water exercise classes and water walking can also be social, and it’s fun to see everyone reconnecting and having a good time. I really feel fortunate to work at a Y that has such a focus on aquatics.”