“We moved to New Jersey in July 2017 and started taking swim classes in Spring 2018. Thanks to financial aid, my son has been able to take swim lessons here. As a mom, it’s very important that my children know how to swim – that they have the skills they need to save themselves or others. Swimming is also a whole body exercise. When Sebastian was young, he had asthma and swimming lessons have improved his asthma and given him more confidence in the water. He also participates in the 7th Grade program (which gave him a free FSPY membership). It’s very important to me that he leads a healthy lifestyle at this age, and I know starting now, he will keep it up as he grows. He really enjoys the cycle class and goes every Tuesday and Thursday. It shows him that you can exercise with your friends; there’s music and it’s fun. Plus, it’s also building his confidence and social skills. I’m a single mom and if it wasn’t for financial aid, we wouldn’t be able to do this. I hope one day that I will earn enough to pay for my kids’ programs and help others. I moved to California three years ago (before coming to NJ) and there my children received financial assistance from the Y to attend the aftercare program as well as for summer camp. This allowed me to work my full day. For this, I’m very thankful. One day, I hope I can give back.”