Our dance program aims to enhance the creativity of each individual through movement. Our dance classes are designed with a specific syllabus for each level to ensure there is understanding, growth and proper technique taught. The levels consist of Level I Beginner, Level II-Intermediate and Level III-Advanced. Placement into each level is determined by experience and teacher recommendation. Open level classes are available to everyone.

These classes are technique classes designed to introduce students to steps at the barre, center and across the floor work. In each technique class, the students will develop an understanding of each dance style and build upon it with progressive skills. Dancers will learn terminology, music & rhythm, performance technique, memorization skills and creative movement.

Our performing classes are open from Fall Session until Spring I. In the Spring sessions, the performing classes are closed to new students so that the dancers may begin choreography and work toward an end of the year recital. Attendance and commitment are extremely important.


Ballet technique is the building block of all dance styles. In this class, students learn terminology, body control, balance and flexibility. Lyrical dance is a narrative style of ballet and Modern dance. Modern dance was created to allow dancers the freedom of expressing themselves through movement interpretation without the confines of equipment. Dancers will learn to use expression and emotion as they perform.


Come join this exciting class and get ready to learn the top two leading styles of Broadway dance! Tap consists of Rhythmic and Broadway style, similar to Jazz’s Broadway and modernized styles. Students will learn terminology and technique for turns, leaps and jumps.

Hip Hop

From the east coast we have breakdancing, and on the west coast they are famous for poppin and lockin. In this high-energy class, get ready to merge together both styles! This class will work on stamina, strength and flexibility as well as tricks, in a safe environment with age-appropriate music and choreography.