New Program, New Names!

The Y has been “America’s Swim Instructor for over 100 years. This latest evolution of Y Swim Lessons is designed to welcome students of varying and diverse abilities to ensure that everyone feels like they belong and foster a sense of achievement from the start. The program emphasizes group activities to encourage relationship building and allows students to flow easily from one skill to the next with clearly defined stages of progress along the way.


1. Swim Starters

Accompanied by a parent or guardian, infants and toddlers learn to be comfortable in the water and develop swim readiness skills through fun and confidence-building experiences, while parents learn about water safety, drowning prevention, and the importance of supervision.


2. Swim Basics

Students of all ages learn personal water safety and achieve basic swimming competency. Swimmers develop a high level of comfort in the water and are taught the recommended skills to have around water including safe water habits, underwater exploration, and how to swim to safety and exit in the event of falling into a body of water.


3. Swim Strokes

Having mastered the fundamentals, students learn additional water safety skills and build stroke technique, developing skills that prevent chronic disease, increase social-emotional and cognitive well-being, and foster a lifetime of physical activity. Swimmers are introduced to the four competitive swimming strokes as well as rescue skills and healthy lifestyle habits.

New Swim Lesson Program Stage Descriptions (PDF)

  • This PDF provides an overview of the new swim lesson stages and how they correspond to the previous levels.

New Swim Lesson Program Lesson Selector (PDF)

  • Use this Lesson Selector tool to determine which stage your child is ready for

FOR NEW SWIM PARTICIPANTS it is highly recommended that they receive an evaluation prior to registering. Please call the Aquatics department at 908-889-8880 to schedule an evaluation.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are registering for swim lessons, and the class is FULL, we recommend that you go on the WAIT LIST so that we can determine needs and make adjustments.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Ellen Daudelin, Director of Aquatics, at or 908-889-8880 if you have any questions or concerns about the transition.

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