Release tension and strengthen your body and soul with our extensive offerings – from Tai Chi to Vinyasa Yoga. Come find peace, power and tranquility.

Meditation/Prana Yoga

Prana is Sanskrit for life energy. A regular meditation practice may help reduce stress and enhance relaxation.


Combines stretching and strengthening incorporating equipment such as bands, rollers and fit balls as appropriate for a firm, lean body.

Tai Chi

Slow, relaxing movement from China. Gain physical stability, flexibility, balance and coordination. Beginner, intermediate and advanced levels available.


Classes blend breathing, postures and meditation to develop strength, flexibility and overall relaxation.

Basic Yoga

Welcomes beginners and those looking for a gentle stretch.

Restorative Yoga

Relaxing style of yoga that is intended to be healing and nurturing to the body.

Vinyasa Yoga

Also called flow because of the way the poses fun together. Expect to sometimes move vigorously from pose to pose.


A blend of yoga and pilates.

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