May is National Water Safety Month, and the Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA wants to help you and your family be water safe this summer and all year round. We’ve compiled a number of resources including activities to help children become more comfortable in the water, tips for family water safety, fun coloring and activity sheets, and more! In addition, learn about our swim lesson program here. We offer classes for beginners to more advanced swimmers from preschoolers through adults. At the Y, safety around water and teaching others the lifesaving skill of swimming is a top priority.


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Never let children swim alone; always designate swimming buddies before visiting beach or pool.

It’s important to practice safety around water year round. For more tips, click here and view our ABCs of Water Safety  to make your swimming experience an enjoyable one for all.


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These activities can be done at home in the bathtub, or while swimming. 

Splashing: Learn how to use splashing to help your child develop a positive relationship with water.

Getting used to the water: This activity helps children further acclimate to being in the water, especially when it gets on their face.

Submersion: As your child gets more comfortable with water on their face, you can progress to letting them put their face in the water.

Back Floats: Back floats can be challenging for young swimmers. These activities will help children feel more comfortable floating on their back.

Front Floats: In order to float on their front, a swimmer should be comfortable with putting their face in the water and holding their breath for at least three seconds. These activities encourage front float.

Blowing Bubbles: Blowing bubbles is one of the first skills we want children to learn during their swim lesson because it is a stepping stone to earning breath control. These activities encourage this skill, which is a foundation of being comfortable in the water.


Safety Around Water Coloring Book

Safety Around Water Activity Sheets


Keeping kids safe around water requires a family commitment. Review the pledge on this card as a family and ask everyone to agree to follow the safety guidelines listed. Children should only swim under adult supervision. Use this card to understand your role in keeping kids safe when you are responsible for supervising them in the water.


Download copies of the Family Pledge and Water Watcher cards here.