We want to help you on your path to health and wellness! Several of our Prescribe the Y health management programs will be available virtually this summer to help you prevent or manage diabetes, manage blood pressure, lose weight and more. All programs are open to the community and are fee-based.

Our Prescribe the Y programs are group-based, providing a “small community of support.” Our programs are helping to transform healthcare, bridging the gap from clinical care to a collaborative, community approach that elevates well-being through prevention and healthcare maintenance.

The following programs will be offered for Summer 2020:

Diabetes Prevention Program: An evidence-based, year-long program endorsed by the CDC. Our program has achieved full CDC recognition based upon patient outcomes. Each group meets weekly for 16 weeks and then monthly, 25 sessions in total. The program provides a small group supportive environment focusing on lifestyle coaching. Goals are to reduce body weight by 5-7% and to increase physical activity to 150 minutes a week. The program is for those who have been identified by a medical provider as having pre-diabetes or through completion of a risk assessment. Our most current group went virtual and had an average of 7.3% weight loss and 170 minutes of exercise per week, with a 73% retention once we went virtual.

Diabetes Self-Management Program: This program will consist of 15 virtual meetings focusing on diabetes education and lifestyle coaching. It helps participants understand diabetes and its risks. The course covers: physical activity, nutrition, appropriate use of medication, dealing with the symptoms of diabetes, working with your healthcare provider and making action plans. An evidence-based program, it has shown a decrease in Hgb A1c.

Blood Pressure Self-Management: An evidenced-based 4-month program where participants meet weekly one-on-one and attend monthly group nutrition education seminars. Participants are given blood pressure cuffs and asked to monitor blood pressure at home. Weekly check-ins and nutrition education result in insight into behaviors that affect blood pressure. 42% of participants who begin the program with uncontrolled blood pressure became controlled.

The Y’s Weight Management Program: Group support with focus on whole life health, including goal setting, problem solving and positive self talk. Participants will obtain nutritional education as well as lifestyle coaching. The program runs once a week for 12 weeks. Curriculum is provided for insightful discussion and weekly weigh-ins provide accountability.

If you are interested in any of the above programs, please contact Donna Peart at dpeart@fspymca.org.