At the Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA, we are here for the entire family. We know that keeping kids occupied at home can be a struggle. Below are activities from our Y the whole family can enjoy. We are updating our content all the time, so please check back. Plus, we now have a Family at Home Facebook group, where you can find even more great resources, activities and ideas. Join today here.

The below activities add an element of fitness. Click on the activity name for a printable PDF.

ABCs of the YMCA Youth Yoga: Each day in our Family at Home Facebook group, we release a new word of the day to correspond with our ABCs of the YMCA Youth Yoga. You also can use your own words for a fun family exercise. Plus, we have a YouTube playlist, found here, demonstrating all the poses.

Animal Acts: This is a fun circuit training workout for children using animals as inspiration.

Fitness Board Game: Simply roll the dice and do as directed. First one to the finish line wins!

Fitness Surprise Challenge: Cut out all the challenges, fold them and put them in a bag. Keep going until you’ve gone through each exercise.

FSPY Fitness Roll Call: Roll the dice and do the exercise that corresponds to the number you roll. First person to complete four exercises wins. Three strikes and you’re out!

Positive-ly Yoga: This uplifting activity can give you a little sunshine on a cloudy day.

YMCA Says: Played just like the old favorite, but with a fitness twist.

The below activities help exercise your mind. Click on the activity name for a printable PDF.

FSPY Word Search: Complete this word search with words relating to the YMCA.

I Spy The Y: Can you find the Y logo in each of these pictures?

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt: Look for all the items in this rainbow-themed scavenger hunt.

Senses Scavenger Hunt: Look for all the items in this 5 senses-themed scavenger hunt.

Family Bingo: Fill out this Bingo card filled with fun activities. Parents – you pick the prize.

The below activities are aimed at getting your child comfortable in the water. Click on the activity name for a printable PDF.

Splashing: Learn how to use splashing to help your child develop a positive relationship with water.

Getting used to the water: This activity helps children further acclimate to being in the water, especially when it gets on their face.

Submersion: As your child gets more comfortable with water on their face, you can progress to letting them put their face in the water.

Back Floats: Back floats can be challenging for young swimmers. These activities will help children feel more comfortable floating on their back.

Front Floats: In order to float on their front, a swimmer should be comfortable with putting their face in the water and holding their breath for at least three seconds. These activities encourage front float.

Blowing Bubbles: Blowing bubbles is one of the first skills we want children to learn during their swim lesson because it is a stepping stone to learning breath control. These activities encourage this skill, which is a foundation of being comfortable in the water.

Water Safety: It’s important to practice safety around water year round. Here, we give you the ABCs of Water Safety to make your swimming experience and enjoyable one for all.