We offer a variety of free group exercise classes for any level.

Adult Ballet
This class introduces students to steps at the barre, center and across the floor work. Beginner.

Adult Ballroom
Come waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, cha-cha, mambo, rumba and swing. Individual wedding instruction available.

Adult Tap
This class introduces terminology, center, across the floor and tap combinations.

Barre Fusion
Combination of ballet, Pilates and yoga-based movement using the barre to strengthen and lengthen muscles. Light hand weights utilized. Free to members.

Bolly Mix
Try this mix of belly dancing, hip hop, bhangra and Bollywood, originated in India. This class is a fun cardio workout. Free to members.

Boot Camp Amped
High intensity interval training using drills, games, sports training, jump rope or step. Challenging work-out incorporating pylometrics. Helps build cardio endurance, strength, agility and balance. Free to members.

Bosu Interval
Use of the Bosu to challenge balance, stability and core strength. Intervals of strength and agility incorporated as well for an all around challenging workout. Free to members.

Simple and fun choreographed workout done to current upbeat music. Perfect for teens and adults of all ages. Free to members.

Core Roller
Small Group Personal Training

Core Strength
Strengthening and toning of all major muscle groups using various equipment. Free to members.

Cycle Indoor
Interval indoor cycling class adaptable to any fitness level. Limited space. Drop-ins welcome if a bike is available at start of class. Free to members. Must register each session.

Cycle Fusion
Combine your cycle with weight and core intervals. Free to members. Must register each session.

Cycle /Swim Combo
Introducing a great cross training opportunity. Enjoy a 45 minute cycle class then complete a workout in the pool incorporating laps and drills for 30 minutes. You can sign up for just cycle if you do not wish to swim. Free to members. Must register each session.

Family Boot Camp
Workout with the whole family using a variety of equipment. Kids must be accompanied by an adult. Free to members.

Core strength training using a stability ball. Free to members. Must register for each session.

Functional Fitness
Improve gross motor skills, balance, strength and flexibility. There is a fee for this class. Registration is required. Click here for more details.

Kettle Bell Combo
Kettlebell work out intervals with a variety of equipment. Free to members.

Kettle Bell Interval
Learn basic Kettle Bell Techniques in this interval class. Free to members.

Add intensity to your workout. Utilizing turbokick, this interval class will challenge participants. Boxing equipment will be added to evening class.

Mind/Body Classes
Release tension, strengthen your body and soul with our extensive offerings…from Prana Meditation to Power Yoga. Our Pilates classes range from basic mat to Pilates Plus and Power Pilates. Come find peace, power and tranquility within our walls here at the Y.

Meditation/Prana Yoga
Parana is Sanskirt for life energy. A regular meditation practice may help reduce stress and enhance relaxation. Free to members, must pre-register.

Pilates Mat
Combines stretching and strengthening incorporating equipment as appropriate for a firm, lean body. Free to members, must pre-register.

Pilates Plus
Pilates incorporating fitness rings, bands, rollers and fitballs. Free to members, must pre-register.

Pilates/Power Yoga
Combine the flow of Pilates and yoga for stretch, strength and relaxation. Free to members, must pre-register.

Piloxing is a unique cardio work out that combines boxing with Pilates which will be sure to give results in muscle sculpting and calorie burning.

Moderate step class designed for all exerciser. Interval class incorporates cardio, strength, and flexibility using steps. Good for adults of all ages and pre-pose natal moms. Free to members. Must register each session.

Stretch and Tone
Combination of toning and stretching. Good for adults of all ages and pre/post natal moms. Free to members. Must register each session.

Tai Chi
Slow, relaxing movement from China. Gain physical stability, flexibility, balance and coordination. Beginner, Intermediate level. Free to members, must pre-register.

Total Body Conditioning
Cardio and strength training intervals using a variety of equipment to increase muscular strength and endurance. Free to members.

Small personal training group class.

Willpower and Grace
Sweaty, dynamic fusion of pilates, yoga, pylometrics & dance. No equipment needed- just your body weight and bare feet. Free to members. Must register each session.

Classes blend breathing, postures and meditation to develop strength, flexibility and overall relaxation. Free to members, must pre-register.

Regular Yoga
Appropriate for all levels.

Vinyasa Yoga
Vinyasa yoga flow class with Sun Salutations blended with advanced poses.

International dance workout that can be modified for various fitness levels and offers freedom of movement with the choreography. Free to members.



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