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March 14, 2023 Update

We are making a lot of progress on our building project. It’s hard to believe that a whole month has already passed since we relocated our main entrance, Welcome Center, Café and Wellness Center!

We want to thank each and every one of you for your flexibility and support throughout the transition. We know that change is hard, and the walk through the building can be long – and sometimes a bit noisy – but we hope you are able to see some parts of the building you’ve never seen, or meet someone new along the way! We know the end result of this project is going to be an amazing addition for our Y and the community!

Please keep reading for the updates and reminders:

Updates and Reminders

DEMOLITION: Demolition is well underway inside the building. Old pipes and wiring are carefully being removed, as are floors, walls and more! As we peeled back the layers, we uncovered decades of tradition and decorative style that has changed many times throughout the years. And for those of us who have been around for a while, it brings back some great memories of what used to be. The photo shown here is a view of our café showing the former exterior brick wall. Demolition will continue into the upcoming weeks and will include the removal of the old roof/ceiling in the front lobby/café area.

POOL 2 MEZZANINE ADDITION: Crews are prepping for the addition of the mezzanine on Pool 2. In the upcoming weeks, there will be modifications to the concrete walls on the Martine Ave. (deep end) side, in order to expose the steel structural support beams. While there may be times that crews are on deck working, we will do so when the pool is not in use and will make sure it is safe and clean for all of our swimmers to return. If there are any times that we need to close temporarily, we will be sure to let you know in advance.

ACCESS TO AND AROUND THE BUILDING: Finally, we realize for some, it is a long walk to the pools or Wellness Center once you are in the building. If at any time you need assistance accessing or navigating the building, please let us know. We are here to help. We also have added a few chairs along the route, in case you need a break!


Members must use the new designated drop-off/pick-up areas

Throughout the project, our goal is to make sure all of our members and staff are safe. This includes both inside of the facility and outside in the parking lot. In our last newsletter, we shared a map of the parking lot, which includes a new drop off area and pedestrian walkway. The reason we added this is because we no longer have the space to drop off and pick up in front of the building safely.

Unfortunately, we are still seeing many cars stopping to drop off in front of the new entrance or in the handicap parking spots. When this happens, everyone’s safety is at risk.

Please follow these steps to drop off and pick up at the Y:

To drop off:

  1. Enter the parking lot and turn left down the 3rd aisle.
  2. Stop your car at the first ORANGE barrier.
  3. Pedestrians should exit the car here and walk IN-BETWEEN the orange barrier and the chain-link fence to the sidewalk and then to the front door.

To pick up:

  1. The safest option is to pull into a parking spot to wait for the person you are picking up. OR,
  2. You can follow the drop off process and pick up at the beginning of the orange barriers.

For a larger, printable version of our parking lot map, click here.

Thank you for your cooperation!

February 7, 2023 Update

February 7, 2023 Update

New Parking Lot Traffic Pattern

Beginning Monday, February 13, a new traffic pattern will be in place in our parking lot. Please pay attention and observe speed limits to help keep everyone safe

For a larger, printable version of our parking lot map, click here.

The area in red on the map will be closed for construction. The orange area indicates the pedestrian walkway and drop-off area.

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO STOPPING to drop off or pick up at the building entrance or anywhere in the driveway in front of the building. A designated drop-off zone has been established: after entering the parking lot, make a left at the 3rd aisle; then pull up to the orange barricades to drop off.

Pedestrians being dropped off or picked up should walk inside the orange barricades to the sidewalk. If you are picking up, you MUST WAIT in a parking spot and the person you are picking up must walk to that parking spot, OR you can pull up to the drop off/pick-up area once the person you are picking up is there. You will not be allowed to idle in the drop off zone.

Stopping in the driveway in front of the building is strictly prohibited. This will be strictly enforced and is for the safety of all members and guests. All pedestrians should remain alert in the parking lot and when crossing the driveways.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Updates and Reminders

MAIN ENTRANCE ACCESS: As of this week, the Child Care doors closer to Martine Avenue are serving as our new main entrance and exit. Please follow the signs outside the building to access our facility. Once inside the building, there also is a new traffic pattern with signs throughout to help you get to your destination.

WELCOME CENTER AND CAFE:  Members, staff and guests can now check in with a Welcome Center staff member located in the Child Care hallway (members no longer need to check out). A second Welcome Center staff member is located in the Community Room to assist with member transactions. The Community Room is also serving as our cafe and is where members can find coffee, tables and chairs.

WELLNESS CENTER: All Wellness Center equipment is being moved to Gym 1, which is the gym closest to the Adult Locker Rooms. The Wellness Center is closed today, February 7, for the move and we anticipate it will open later this evening. Please check our website or Facebook for updates.

GYM 2 PROGRAMMING: Members can access Gym 2 by walking through Gym 1 and using the door in the partition. Open Gym will continue to take place in Gym 2, and is now by RESERVATION ONLY. Members can make a reservation up to 20 days out at Youth programs and some adult sports also will take place in Gym 2. You can view our Gym schedule online at

GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES: All group exercise classes are now being held in our new lower level studios or in the 2nd floor multipurpose rooms. Members can access both levels by stairs or elevator. Group exercise classes continue to be by reservation at

January 26, 2023 Update

Our campsite project is underway!

We are making great progress on our outdoor campsite project and we can’t wait to open the new site this summer! While we complete the outdoor campsite, we also are excited to begin the next phase of our interior building project. We are planning to begin construction soon and want to give you a preview of what to expect.

The next phase of the project will focus on the Welcome Center, Wellness Center, Café and Pool 2 expansion. We will remain open throughout construction with access to the pools, Wellness Center, locker rooms and fitness programs, but there may be temporary closures or disruptions at times.

Here are some changes that will be in effect once construction begins:

Child Care doors

  • The Child Care doors closer to Martine Avenue will serve as the new main entrance and exit during construction. There will be signs outside directing you to the new entrance.
  • Members, staff and guests will check in with a Welcome Center staff member located in the Child Care hallway. We will not require members to check out.
  • A second Welcome Center staff member will be in the Community Room for member transactions and registration. There will be tables and coffee in the Community Room as well. The vending machines will be located near Gym 1.
  • All Wellness Center equipment will be moved to Gym 1, which is the gym closest to the Adult Locker Rooms.
  • We will schedule all group exercise classes in the new lower level studios or in the 2nd floor multipurpose rooms. You can access both levels by stairs or elevator.
  • Open Gym is now by reservation only at
  • Youth programs and some adult sports will be held in Gym 2, with access through Gym 1. Program schedules will be available soon.

Important dates for temporary closures and moves:

  • Monday, February 6 – We will close the main entrance to the building. All members, staff and guests will enter and exit through the Child Care doors and follow a new traffic pattern to the pools, Wellness Center/Gyms, and locker rooms.
  • Tuesday, February 7 – We will close the Wellness Center and both gyms at 7:30am so we can move the equipment to Gym 1. The pools and all other areas will remain open. We anticipate re-opening the Wellness Center and Gym late afternoon/early evening and will provide updates that day.
  • The week of February 13 – The current Welcome Center, Lobby, Café, Wellness Center and a small portion of the parking lot will be closed off throughout construction.

While the construction may be disruptive at times, we will do our best to minimize the impact so you can continue to enjoy your time at the Y.

We will continue to keep you posted of all construction updates on this page and through email, which we will send out as needed on Tuesdays. You can sign up for our Capital Campaign e-newsletter and download our Daxko mobile app for Apple or Android devices to receive notice about temporary closures and schedule changes.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support. The improvements we are making now will benefit our Y community for generations to come!