MY FRIEND AND ME (walking- 3 ½ years)

Hanging, swinging, rolling, balancing and jumping are all fun ways to develop gross-motor skills and your toddler will love exploring the gym- especially with you!  Circle time brings songs, finger play, parachute play and bubbles into the fun, along with social interaction.  The class also helps children transition smoothly to gymnastics on their own as they get older.

My Friend and Me  (walking- 3 1/2 year olds)

My Friend and Me 1  (walking- 2 1/2 years)

My Friend and Me 2  (2+ year olds)


These fun and exciting classes offer age-appropriate gymnastics activities that utilize the vault, uneven bars, and balance beam, as well as special mats and equipment for developing gymnastic skills. The circuits in our classes are designed to help young children refine gross-motor movements while improving strength, balance, and coordination as well as skill development.  They provide an excellent foundation for our Gymnastics Program.

Mini Gymnasts (3-4)
Gymnastic classes for 3  and 4 year olds

Little Gymnasts (4-5)
Gymnastic classes for 4 and 5 year olds

Mighty Gymnasts (5-6)
Gymnastic classes for 5 and 6 year olds

Gymnastics- Dance Combo

This class is designed as an introduction to both gymnastics and dance for ages 3-5.  The first 1/2 hour is in the gymnastics gym, then teachers will escort them to the dance studio for 1/2 hour of dance.



Youth Gymnastics (grades 1 through 10)

Our gymnastics classes provide an opportunity to learn gymnastics skills on all four events of women’s gymnastics.  Gymnastics is an excellent way to develop a life-long fitness habit, having fun increasing strength, agility, confidence and much, much more!  Classes are divided by skill level; gymnasts are advanced as they attain skill mastery on all four events.

Rollers: Beginners and advanced beginner gymnasts.
10 & Over Rollers: Beginning gymnasts interested in being in a group specifically for those 10 and over.
Swingers: Intermediate and advanced intermediate gymnasts.
Kippers: Advanced skill level gymnasts.
FlipFlops: (teacher recommendation)

Just Floor (Grades 1-10)

A tumbling class for those looking to work exclusively on floor skills.  Level 1 is for beginners and advanced beginners (Rollers); Level 2 is for Swinger level gymnasts and above.  (Minimum skill requirement for Level 2 is the ability to perform a bridge kickover without spot).

Bars Bonanza! (Grades 1-10)

Every class we hear “let’s go to bars!”  Well, this class is all about the uneven bars.  Level 1 is for beginners and advanced beginners (Rollers); Level 2 is for Swinger level and above (minimum skill requirement for Level 2 is the ability to perform a “candlestick” pullover on the low bar without spot).  With a quick warm up we’ll head to just bars every day!



The Fanwood-Scotch Plains YMCA has 3 levels of competitive gymnastics teams as well as a developmental pre-team.  Participation in the Gymnastic Team is by invitation only, based on skill level.  For more information, please contact Barbara Breuninger.



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